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 ​ Est. 2014- Aleknagik, AK

What used to be a weekly Farmer's Market stand has become an established and delightful place to welcome the local community to and offer a wide variety of fresh local harvest, imported organic produce, organic whole foods, and some of the most renowned cinnamon rolls in Bristol Bay!

This little establishment was born of Jennifer's dream to provide healthy food to the community and offer high quality whole foods in a rural community with little other organic options.

Jennifer's hard work and endearing hospitable nature quickly made Wood River Market a place where friends, visitors and locals gather, shop, swap fishing stories, share life and meet new people. 

It's no wonder Wood River Market has become a local highlight. 

Jennifer and her family love and enjoy interacting with and serving the community.


Seasonal Operation

Because of the rural air-transportation that services the nearest airport in Dillingham Wood River Market is currently only operating during the summer months (Late May-September) while there are reliable flights to bring in perishable produce and while barge shipments of organic whole foods are able to reach port during summer months.

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